Before you upgrade, please take note of any breaking changes and deprecation notices which may affect your site. View the Upgrade Guide to see examples of how to address breaking changes.

Bug fixes 🐛

  • Fixed an issue in Page Header that prevented the user from clicking on the logo and faculty name #740
  • Updated Form css to correctly apply error styles #736

Deprecation Notice⚠️

  • All remaining .uomcontent [role='navigation']#globalsitemap css has been removed as it is no longer in use #739
  • Removed unnecessary .page-local-history css as it's only injected and styled in the Page Header #734

Other changes

Documentation updates

  • Created new Events CMS page to demo old tag component with icon #738
  • Created new Forms CMS page to demo a variation of Inline detached form using an icon #738
  • Added Clear select error example to Forms #736
  • Example: now only shows when Source code: is visible #732
  • Updated Icons page documentation #738
  • Added select to Example form #736