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About this template and how to use it

This template Event block listing (local assets) is available if you wish to create local calendar events for your site. 

If you wish to promote your event to a wider audience you should post on and use the feed as described on the events.unimelb examples.

This event listing is using an upcoming events list  and is set to show: 

  • 360 events in the future
  • Maximum of 20 events
  1. Add a new standard page to your site
  2. From the metadata screen select the page template: Event block listing (local assets). 
  3. Fields that can be used are: 
    • Header text
    • Header subline
    • Banner image
    • Introductory text
  4. Create single calendar events under this asset and they will automatically be listed on this page.

Adding calendar events

When adding local calendar events they should be: 

Optional settings:

  • Thumbnail image (set on details screen)
  • Contact details (set on metadata screen)
  • Location details  (set on metadata screen)