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Other changes

  • Removed float:left from dd (definition list) element #297
  • Some jumpnav and smooth-scroll-to improvements #299
    • Changed rules for the page header fixed and css to be sticky instead as it was causing conflict with the scroll function
    • Added jump.js library to handle the scroll of in-page navigation and jump navigation and removed all the other ways of handling scrolling
    • Improved offset calculation so the heading is now visible on the page rather than hidden underneath the Mega menu.
    • Added ability to have either native anchor hash in the URL or via js.
  • Overhauled print css styles #298
    • Set font family to --ff-sans: "Source Sans Pro", Gill Sans, Trebuchet MS, Arial, sans-serif;
    • border and font colours are now black
    • Added Copyright https://www.unimelb.edu.au/ to bottom of page
    • Removed footer, header, iframe, images, videos, and other irelevant parts
    • Updated embed video url's that was broken
    • Removed background images
    • Removed unnecessary spaces of sections
    • Removed external urls
  • Created /docs/tests.md documenting cypress test instructions #301