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New features ✨

  • introduced two new components:
  • you can now set the container size of a component when importing it from eleventy/_includes/component.html #892 #893
    • sm
    • md
    • lg
include component src="..." container="lg"

Bug fixes 🐛

  • Grid columns are now activated on --bp-desktop so multiple grid rows flow together correctly #882

Other changes

  • adjacent Grid Rows now have some gap between them #882
  • other websites can now link to uom.css and uom.js files hosted on netlify deployments #897 #899
  • eleventy now outputs the contents of the dist/vx.x.x to the assets folder removing the need for global.cdn #899
  • updated publicPath in assets/webpack.config.js to only include the version when in production mode #899

Documentation updates

  • Card examples no longer contain content-block as it's not part of the component #895
  • components that use a background class and container size has its background colour extend to the full width of the page #894
  • data-container is now only added to the story if a size has been set using container="..." #892 #893
  • Grid now uses md container size #892 #893
  • Card now uses the lg container size #892 #893
  • created Grid Rows example #882