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New features ✨

  • Notice variations - with icon, with button, and with list #855

Bug fixes 🐛

  • fixed an issue where buttons inside Notices had the incorrect padding #855
  • fixed an issue where .inset-left and .inset-right weren't being imported into the css bundle #852
  • Responsive tables nested inside a <section> now have the correct width on desktop and correct page gutter on mobile #857
  • chevrons in the Page Header hamburger menu are now hidden when child menus are visible #858

Other changes

  • updated twitter Icon #859
  • moved twitter icon to last position in the Injected Footer #859
  • <br> elements are now hidden in Notices when [data-icon] is present #855
  • migrated .inset-left and .inset-right to assets/style-guide/figure/index.css #852
  • updated .inset-left and .inset-right to look and function the same as Figure variants .figure--left and .figure--right #852
  • extracted out all svg icons from assets/components/icon-set/iconset.js to their own files #853
  • icons imported into the svg sprite automatically add an id and changes svg to symbol #853
  • updated webpack.config.js #853
    • to allow raw importing of file source code
    • icon alias to point to new icon location
  • updated manual icon link in css to use ~icons #853

Documentation updates

  • html attributes like has(p) can now be removed from the source code viewer #854
  • created CMS Figure page to demonstrate deprecated css #852
  • created CMS Notices stories to document cms specific uses #855