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New features ✨

  • Preview Banner can now be previewed in the Design System by using ?preview= or clicking on the link in the Demonstration section #823
  • created --fw-medium css var to set font-weight: 500 #829
  • created form css vars #832
    • --col-form-select-dropdown-hover
    • --col-form-select-alt-dropdown-hover
    • --col-form-select-clear-dropdown
    • --col-form-select-clear-dropdown-hover
    • --col-form-select-dropdown-disabled

Bug fixes 🐛

  • updated warning and danger Notice background colours to pass a11y requirements #828
  • <table> nested inside .mobile-wrap are now 100% width on mobiles #833
  • Site Links containing both an icon and text have the correct spacing between them #834

Other changes

  • updated typography-level-3 mixin and .text-level-3 class to use --fw-medium #829
  • Selects now use the chevron-down icon #832
  • Select dropdown hover state now uses --col-blue-light-100 #832
  • tidied up Select disabled state css #832
  • removed trailing comma after Parkville in the Global Footer #825
  • updated gen4 to v2.0.2 #830
  • installed js-cookie package to easily read cookies from the browser #823
  • updated Preview Banner message from Design System Preview ➡️ Previewing #823
  • split out snapshot tests from test:e2e to allow the ci server to run more tests in parallel #824
  • created test:e2e:all to run all e2e tests #824
yarn test:e2e:all
  • created GREP_INVERT param to filter out specific tests to run inside docker #824
  • created playwright script to run e2e tests (except snapshots) outside of docker #824
yarn playwright
  • test:e2e:a11y now only run a11y tests #824
  • created e2e tests to ensure the Preview Banner works with both ?preview and cookies #823

Documentation updates

  • added Preview Banner to mega menu #823
  • created netlify redirect from /examples/preview-banner ➡️ /components/preview-banner #823