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New features ✨

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You can use the cache-busting technique of modifying the URL parameter v to ensure updates are propagated. For example, ?v=1 ➡️ ?v=2

Bug fixes 🐛

  • Filtered Listings dynamically calculates the height of each item rather than being a fixed value #800
  • screenreader .skip-link is now hidden when printing the page #806
  • screenreader .skip-link now shows above all other content while being focused #806
  • removed padding-bottom from icons nested inside <p> elements #808
  • updated line-height in Special News Hero so white background doesn't cut into text and underline #812

Other Changes

  • Special News Hero text is now underlined by default #805
  • updated to query-string to v8.1.0 #809
  • installed favicons & favicons-webpack-plugin packages #807
  • updated webpack.config.js to create favicons automatically #807

Documentation updates

  • updated Getting Started with documentation on how to implement favicons #807
  • updated Design System to use new favicons #807
  • created Icon in Paragraph story demonstrating an icon nested inside a <p> element #808
  • created CMS Buttons page to demonstrate and test buttons nested in paragraph #808
  • updated gen4 to v2.0.1 #811
  • created cdnDocumentation eleventy global var to replace usage of //dds-gen3.web.unimelb.edu.au/v15.3.0 #807