Before you upgrade, please take note of any breaking changes and deprecation notices which may affect your site. View the Upgrade Guide to see examples of how to address breaking changes.

New features ✨

  • deprecated and removed classes can now be viewed on any web page by using the url param ?showDeprecated=true #978
    • deprecated classes use an orange outline - they should be updated as soon as possible as they will be removed in a later version
    • removed classes use a red outline - they should be updated immediately
    • CMS Figure contains deprecated elements that will be outlined in orange

Bug fixes 🐛

Other changes

  • .social margins are now 0 when nested inside .quicklinks #973
  • removed background colour from Emded Media #969
  • improvements to the serving of uom.css and uom.js from the assets folder when using ?preview=test-xxx #959
    • created redirectPlugin - it creates a _redirects file that redirects /assets/uom.{css|js} to /vx.x.x/uom.{css|js}
    • removed eleventyConfig.addPassthroughCopy({ './dist': '.' }); as it's no longer required
    • updated eleventy/_includes/views/layout.html to load assets from version folder
  • some e2e updates #969
    • removed masking of elements with js and use css instead
    • updated mask to use black colour so it contrasts against all background colours
  • added /eleventy/public/_redirects to .gitignore #959

Documentation updates