Before you upgrade, please take note of any breaking changes and deprecation notices which may affect your site. View the Upgrade Guide to see examples of how to address breaking changes.

New features ✨

  • the following Icons have been added to the icon set #921
    • sub-selection
    • image
    • money-circle
    • signpost
    • star-circle
    • star-rate
    • happy
    • sad
    • chart
  • you can now vertically align grid columns #928 #929
    • .grid--cols-center - align all grid columns to the center
    • .grid--cols-end - align all grid columns to the bottom


<div class="grid grid--cols-center">...</div>


<div class="grid grid--cols-end">...</div>

Bug fixes 🐛

  • fixed an issue where headings containing a ( or ) were breaking the left-aligned jumpnav #922
  • updated Global Footer contact details to use strong instead of span #927

Other changes

  • added TEQSA number to Global Footer #927
  • updated playwright to v1.39.0 #919

Documentation updates