Before you upgrade, please take note of any breaking changes and deprecation notices which may affect your site. View the Upgrade Guide to see examples of how to address breaking changes.

New features ✨

Bug fixes 🐛

Deprecation Notice⚠️

  • The Section component has been deprecated and will be removed in a later version. It has been replaced with the Content Block #710


<section class="section">
  <div class="section__inner">...</div>


<section class="content-block">
  <div class="content-block__inner">...</div>

Other changes

  • Updated Figure and People components to account for the addition of the margin-bottom on Tables #716
  • Added some extra margin to Notices and Flash Messages #689
  • Migrated some cms overrides back into the Design System #711 #712 #718
  • Tided up the Footer component #714
    • Combined cta-footer and footer components
    • Migrated css from assets\style-guide\typography\_layout.css ➡️ assets\components\footer\_footer.css
  • Tided up the Quicklinks component #714
  • Tidied up the Index Navigation component #705
  • Swapped --col-reversed-link & --col-reversed-link-active colours around #714
  • postcss-mixins now automatically imports any css mixins #693
  • Split css mixins into separate files #693
  • Installed npm packages
    • serve - to serve documentation site locally after a fresh build #692
    • @csstools/postcss-global-data - to allow importing of _vars.css globally #695
  • Updated e2e tests #715 #717
    • Updated playwright to v1.33.0
    • Custom test-case css is now injected using addStyleTag
  • postcss now automatically imports _vars.css globally #695
  • Improvements to package.json scripts #692 #715
    • webpack now defaults to development mode
    • Created build:lib to better describe what is being built
    • Created start:prod to test in production mode
    • Created docs:build & docs:serve to test building of documentation site locally
    • Simplified and improved the test scripts

Documentation updates

  • Updated Cards and Test Component to use Content Block component #710
  • Added Layouts, Examples, and CMS to the Homepage #710 #682
    • It is hidden in production
    • It is visible on local dev machines and netlify previews
  • Improvements to documentation pages #714
  • Updated links to avoid loading of non-existent pages #719
    • href="" ➡️ href="#"
    • Any external links ➡️ href="#"
    • tel ➡️ href="tel:#"
    • mailto ➡️ href="mailto:#"
  • Removed unnecessary target="_blank" from links #719
  • Added error message to Radio buttons #713
  • Added radio and checkbox to Example form #713