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Bug fixes 🐛

  • Reverted a removal of max-width: var(--w-sml); & margin: 0 auto; made in v12.2.0 as it was breaking usage of classless elements. Instead we changed section div {} ➡️ section > div {}. This also stops nested components from inheriting those styles #500

Other changes

  • Card - <h3> containing an <a> tag are now underlined by default #499
<h3 class="card__header">
  <a class="card__heading" href="#">...</a>
  • Cypress is showing its age compared to newer testing libraries so we decdied to migrate to Playwright instead #490
  • All components, style-guide, layouts, and pages are now coverered with Playwright e2e snapshot tests #492
  • Netlify now redirects all unknown documentation pages to our 404 page #493
  • Not all files had been prettified yet, so we went ahead an ran prettier on all of them. Moving forward PRs will be smaller and contain only the desired changes. #494
  • iframes are now hidden when running visual snapshot tests #497
  • eleventy code was scattered throughout the codebase making it cumbersome to update. All files and folders are now located in ./eleventy/ #496
  • Optimised code-display.js to better handle html, css, and json snippets in the documentation pages #496