Before you upgrade, please take note of any breaking changes and deprecation notices which may affect your site. View the Upgrade Guide to see examples of how to address breaking changes.

Breaking Changes 💥

  • Recommended id has been changed: main ➡️ main-content. You should update your website and use <div role="main" id="main-content">...</div> from now on #370

New features ✨

Bug fixes 🐛

  • Reverted deprecated figure classes .inset-left and .inset-right classs to avoid CMS impact #369

Deprecation notices ⚠️

  • Maps component has been removed and no longer works. If you were using it on your website you can now remove any references to it #361
<div class="map-canvas">...</div>
  • Custom .highlight class for h1 has been removed #354
<h1 class="highlight">...</h1>
  • The Timetable component (.timetable) has been marked for deprecation and will be removed in a later version #346
  • The following classes have been marked for deprecation and will be removed in a later version #346
    • Global - .noborder, .invisible, .hide-text, .youtube5container, .youtube5placeholder, .contrib, .quarter, .margin-rule, .tilt-before, .tilt-after, .with-tilt-sibling, .showie
    • Accordion - .accordion__noanim
    • Button - .button-fill
    • Enquiry - .enquiry-form__thanks
    • Filtered listings - .filtered-listing-item--green, .filtered-listing-item--bronze, .filtered-listing-item--silver, .filtered-listing-item--blue, .filtered-listing-item--yellow
    • Form - .align-checkbox, .newsletter-box
    • Header - .bottom-align-inverted, .no-filter, .filter-blue, .filter-green, .filter-yellow, .filter-head, .stage, .fixed-bg, .embed-video-button, .video-loop
    • Listings - .listing--crop-height
    • Nav - .col-3, .sitemap-trigger, #globalsitemap .linkgroup-title
    • Search - .search-autocomplete
    • Timeline - .has-accordion
    • Typography - .timetable, .main-title, .line

Other changes

  • Updated a link in the global <footer> #368
    • about.unimelb.edu.au/newsroom ➡️ unimelb.edu.au/newsroom
  • Refactored css to use BEM structure where possible without creating any breaking changes #346
  • root element font-size is has been set to 16px #350
  • root element font-family has been set to Source Sans Pro (--ff-sans). By default all elements default to this unless specified #350
  • h1 & h2 font-family has been set to Noto Serif (--ff-serif) #350
  • Custom font loader webfontloader has been removed and now uses css instead #350
  • Removed design-related source files from /src and all subdirectories #357
  • docs/icons.md now documents how to create and add icons to design system #357
  • /docs/new_component-guide.md now documents how to create new components #337
  • Added aria-hidden="true" to ACE editor created <textarea> elements #362
  • Added aria-label to <select> elements on Intranet page #362
  • Fixed various level A and AA accessibility issues #367
  • Added href to anchor element on Staff News #355
  • Tidied up .env file #361
  • Ensured each id in documentation and components are unique #363
  • Added missing <legend> to all <fieldsets> #365